Aug. 9, 2021

Bitch Mob with RHONY's Leah McSweeney

Bitch Mob with RHONY's Leah McSweeney

Real Housewives of New York's Leah McSweeney elevates the pod this week as she stops by to talk about EVERYTHING! Leah gets into the RHONY backlash, being misrepresented, getting co-signed by Rihanna, her fave music, the Red Scare podcast, conspiracy theories, Princess Diana being murdered, partisan politics, Free Britney, appearing on Love & Hip-Hop, watching Love After Lockup, c*vid stuff, third party voting, stanning Andrew Yang and more. 

Before that, Jacques gets into Paris Hilton's new Netflix show, watching scripted dramas for once, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Daily Mail's exposé on Eboni Williams, Andrew Cuomo going down, and The View sucking balls.

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00:00 Intro chit chat
02:30 Paris Hilton's cooking show
07:50 The Americans and Girls
10:10 Erika Jayne and RHOBH
16:30 Daily Mail's Eboni Williams exposé
 26:30 Eboni on The View and Chris Cuomo's downfall
35:10 Leah McSweeney interview

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