Sept. 2, 2021

BONUS: Hitmaker RedOne on working with Lady Gaga, JLo and more

BONUS: Hitmaker RedOne on working with Lady Gaga, JLo and more

In this special music-themed episode of Unpopular, producer RedOne talks about his incredible career as one of pop music's biggest hitmakers. He shares the story of meeting an undiscovered Lady Gaga for the first time and producing her debut album, creating Jennifer Lopez's comeback single "On The Floor" and why he was warned NOT to work with her, how he took Nicki Minaj from the U.S. rap charts to the global pop charts, the behind-the-scenes politics of the music industry, his new role in the blockchain talent show SpotStar and much more. 

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00:00 Unpopular vs Outspoken
09:50 Kanye West's Donda
17:15 Halsey
22:30 Olivia Rodrigo 
26:10 Tinashe and Iggy Azalea
30:40 Billie Eilish 
34:30 RedOne interview

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