Sept. 27, 2021

Erika Jayne Derangement Syndrome with Zack Peter

Erika Jayne Derangement Syndrome with Zack Peter

Is Erika Jayne really as bad as the Twitter trolls make her out to be? And why isn't Tom Girardi's shady connections to Democratic politicians like Gavin Newsom being discussed more by the media and viewers? Jacques and special guest Zack Peter break down the facts, fiction, and pure delusion surrounding Erika and her haters.

They also get into the crazy story about Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenny Petty ~allegedly~ harassing the woman Kenny assaulted when he was a teenager and whether or not the media's overnight support of the victim has anything to do with Nicki's v*x hesitancy. They also get into Jenny McCarthy previous v-word stance and whether or not she was smeared by the media at the time.

Lastly, Courtney Stodden has come out against Trisha Paytas, but is she just clout chasing? (Yes, she is.)

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04:00 Trolled by RHOBH stans
13:00 Erika Jayne with Zack Peter
48:00 RHOBH chit chat 
1:08:00 Nasty Nicki Minaj 
1:17:00 Was Jenny McCarthy smeared by the media?
1:22:20 Courtney Stodden vs Trisha Paytas

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