Oct. 2, 2021

Heather McDonald vs Chrissy Teigen

Heather McDonald vs Chrissy Teigen

It's fight night! Juicy Scoop's Heather McDonald goes toe-to-toe with Chrissy Teigen and comes out on top. We love to see it.

Elsewhere, Jacques reviews the so-so return of Vanderpump Rules, rants about getting another bad review from an Erika Jayne hater, discusses why Lisa Rinna is always right about everything, the RHOA cast shakeup, Survivor going woke and being boring now, and Bethenny Frankel being accused of transphobia.

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00:00 Intro 
05:00 Erika Jayne haters
10:00 Rinna is always right
12:00 RHOA cast shake up
15:00 Heather vs Chrissy 
32:00 Vanderpump Rules returns
47:00 Bethenny's transphobic?
58:00 Woke Survivor

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