Aug. 30, 2021

Here Comes Honey Miu Miu

Here Comes Honey Miu Miu

Honey Boo Boo finally made it into Teen Vogue! Yes, Alana Thompson and her Go Go Juice have graced the prestigious digital pages of Vogue's youthful spin-off and we're very excited about it.

Jacques also roasts The Real Bully of Beverly Hills (spoiler: it's Garcelle), touches on Kelly Dodd's new podcast, discusses his new fave show Welcome to Plathville and gets into the messy drama on Bachelor In Paradise U.S.

He also gets into the Aussie media's obsession with anti-vax Instagram influencers and the deranged witch hunt to cancel Chloe Szep.

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00:00 Intro chitchat
04:00 Anti-lockdown influencers and Chloe Szep cancelled
21:20 Kelly Dodd Podd
24:00 RHOBH Garcelle vs Teddi and Dorit 
39:00 Welcome to Plathville 
44:45 Bachelor In Paradise US
50:00 Honey Boo Boo in Teen Vogue

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