May 17, 2022

Hit Me Baby(?) One More Time

Hit Me Baby(?) One More Time

Another solo episode on Britney's mystery miscarriage, the latest on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, why Kenya hates Garcelle, me possibly being half Asian, Pewdiepie in Japan, Calvin Klein's pregnant man model, trans men being more masc than cis men now, country Grindr, my debut on Hinge, Summer House's Carl and Danielle being boring losers and Paige being flawless, Stassi being skinny, the real reason behind Jackie's RHONJ demotion, why everyone hates the Democrats now and me not voting in the Australian election.

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01:00 Britney's mystery miscarriage
07:00 Why I might be half Asian
09:45 Why I love Pewdiepie 
13:20 Sutton's annoying fans
14:45 Garcelle's 'problematic' tweets
17:45 Thoughts on Carlos King and RHOA
35:00 RHONJ's Jackie demoted
39:00 Skinny Stassi
41:00 Summer House reunion
46:00 Calvin Klein's pregnant man
50:00 Trans men being more masc than cis men
52:00 Country grindr and crossdressing truckdrivers 
57:00 Political thoughts

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