Nov. 22, 2021

I got cancelled again!

I got cancelled again!

Jacques shares his experience with being cancelled on Twitter yet again and comes up with a solution for woke Real Housewives fans that are struggling to find productive ways to contribute to society. 

After that, Jacques gets into why RHOSLC is finally good, RHUGT being awesome, Anjali being the best thing on RHOMelb, Jojo Siwa's new Dance Moms rip-off, Tampa Baes, Britney being free and problematic, Kim K banging Pete Davidson and more. 


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00:00 Cancelled on Twitter
23:00 How to support Black women 
34:00 RHOSLC and Jen Shah
42:00 RHUGT thoughts
48:00 Real Housewives of Melbourne
52:00 Tampa Baes, Tiger King 2, Jojo Siwa
56:30 Problematic Britney and Kim K

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