May 9, 2022

It's a Lot (of ADHD)

It's a Lot (of ADHD)

We have another brave neurodivergent celebrity this week! Abbie Chatfield has courageously come out as suffering from ADHD. Pray for her. Elsewhere, Jacques rants about his love of fresh flowers, working in a call centre, the RHOBH screener, Ross Matthews getting married, gays dating their clones, Bachelor's Madi landing a Christian billionaire and the Christianity trend, self-help apps, Bethenny being named the No. 1 mummy podcaster, Lindsey Granger dragging libs on The View, fake Real Housewives tea, Tamra and Heather's shock feud, the Summer House finale and Summer House cast popularity ranking.

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00:00 Fresh flowers
03:45 Abbie's ADHD
12:15 Ross Matthews dating his Latin clone
15:00 Bachelor Madi's Christian billionaire
20:00 Christian trend & self help
23:30 Bethenny's low budget podcast
30:20 RHOC rumours and feuds
36:00 The View's new queen bee
41:45 Summer House stuff 


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