April 29, 2021

Marlo Hampton on RHOA drama, her humble beginnings and raising nephews

Marlo Hampton on RHOA drama, her humble beginnings and raising nephews

The fabulous Marlo Hampton from the Real Housewives of Atlanta joins Unpopular this week to share a side of herself that viewers rarely get to see.

She discusses her tough upbringing in the projects and foster care system to becoming a reality TV star and the misconceptions that come from her portrayal on the show. She also opens up about her activism, charity work, and what it's like being a full time carer for her nephews. Of course, she also dished on RHOA drama, including which cast member is a liar and the sex act that went down during Cynthia's Bachelorette party that viewers DIDN'T hear about.

Before that, Jacques shares his thoughts on the overreaction to Kenya's Halloween outfit at the RHOA reunion, Justin Bieber's hair, Joseline's desperate beef with Wendy Williams, Below Deck Sailing Yacht's surprise pregnancy, and the return of Vanderpump Rules.

You can follow Marlo at @iheartmarlo and @marlohampton

00:00 Intro
02:00 RHOA reunion
05:00 Justin Bieber's 'dreadlocks' lol
07:00 Below Deck Sailing Yacht
10:00 Summer House & Vanderpump Rules
13:00 Joseline vs Wendy Williams
18:00 Marlo Hampton interview


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