Love it never stop!

Love this pod !!! Love this pod!

best podcast ever!!!!

Without exaggeration, this podcast has greatly improved the quality of my life. I’ve never subscribed to someone’s Patreon so fast - Jacques is HILARIOUS, eloquent and insightful. Even if I don’t always agree with his opinions, he always does his research and has a solid argument for his position. I really appreciate his humor and unbridled honesty. There are so many pop culture podcasts out there, but Jacques has an extremely unique voice and he’s not afraid to share opinions that may be controversial or against the mainstream consensus. It’s the kind of dissent that’s sorely needed in today’s world where people are afraid to say anything that could get them in trouble even if it’s how they truly feel. Jacques’ honesty and natural wit are an irresistible combo that makes his podcast among the best out there. His production quality is also consistently great! Thank you for all the laughs, Jacques, and keep up the great work! ❤️

Great Podcast - Def suggest to reality show fans

LOVE Jacques. He’s become my favorite podcast. He’s unbiased and calls out/makes fun of all sides. I love that he makes fun of the majority of the Bravo fandom (because they are insane) and I love when he calls out people’s butthurt reviews. He has his own mind which is refreshing because there are hardly any other podcasters in this category that speak the truth for fear of backlash. He consistently delivers interesting episodes on the free podcast and patreon. He’s my fave!

To: oneandonly97

Stop leaving negative reviews! You remind me of my father who would watch the Howard Stern tv show. Every Sunday he’d call and complain how vulgar he was and should be taken off the air. Ummm, Dad just stop watching every week. It’s called freedom of choice

Favorite pod and favorite human hosting!

This is by far THE best pod out there. If you’re looking for a Bravo themed pod but with a slice of current affairs coming from a very independent mindset then this one is for you! It’s refreshing to not have to always keep on hearing the same old take over and over again that comes from the majority of Bravo pods. It also doesn’t hurt that the pod host is a remarkably funny sassy gay from Australia with a great head of hair! Give this pod a listen, you won’t regret it!


Hey whoever you are stop leaving multiple 1-star reviews. Jacques is not for everyone so just don’t listen. He works very hard and many of us appreciate him. Thanks Jacques.

A real one

Is this host made of superman armour because he is UNAFRAID! He talks all truth and nothing but the truth, the kind that would have the liberal mob on it’s way to burn your village down but he seems to be unphased. Super refreshing to hear someone call it like it is especially in the Bravosphere. New top fave pod! Love love love!

Love it!

Love this pod even though I don’t agree with all this takes & he just needs to be nicer to sweet Chunki lol

New Fan

Discovered you several weeks ago and really enjoy your voice and perspective. Keep going!! (Nola)

Love it

Love this pod !!!

I’ve never laughed so hard within 30 seconds of a podcast

“Bravocon is for losers.” I am an immediate fan and will be regularly listening from here on out.

New Fan

Discovered you several weeks ago and really enjoy your voice and perspective. Keep going. (Nola)


I love your podcast but you’re too negative! Don’t let little things get to you so badly! You come off very insecure and just bitter! Life can’t possibly be that bad for you! Just keep a smile on your face and positive mind! People would kill for your platform! Stop being such a negative Nancy! ❤️


Literally the best podcast ever. I haven’t listened to this weeks yet because I’ve just been super busy but I’m sure it’s spicy and perfect as always! Love you Jacques!

Love Jacques

This is top tier podcasting. His sounds is always top notch. Love to hear his thoughts on current events and/or Bravo TV moments. I find myself nodding along while listening. Whether you are gay or straight, male or female, you will thoroughly enjoy this pod. Thank you for keeping me entertained and informed weekly!

My new fave

Love his unpopular opinion!!!

Unapologetically Good

Finally someone not afraid to say exactly how they feel. So real and probably not for everyone but if you want the hard truth listen now. I was dipping my toe into this podcast but now I’ve dived in, swimming in the realness of his pop culture take.

Again and Again

Love this pod !!! Bangs them out every time so fun when everyone takes everything so seriously thank goodness he doesn’t ! Love this pod

Honestly so entertaining

Came here from so bad its good. Knew I loved Jacques from the moment i heard his his mayo pete take! Even though I don’t agree on everything its so fun to hear Jacques pov and he makes good points!

A must listen!

Jacques keeping real! Thank you Jacques for pointing out the gaslighting! We do remember the sheeple and how mean and nasty they were over all the wrong things. Yes we do.

Enjoy the show

Jacques is a bit of a brat, but a very entertaining brat. I don’t agree with him on everything but he is so funny. I look forward to listening to him every week.

Where’s the lie?

Today’s podcast about Bethenny was SPOT ON!


I just discovered you and the accent alone.....heaven! I could listen to you talk about anything, all day long simply for the accent alone ha! I liahg so hard listening to you. We have very very similiar views, but I was DEAD at your most recent episode when talking about Braunwyn and Bethenny!! I can't LOL "I guess her first chapter of life is her kids and it's over" HAHA! Keep bringing the lol's. Love it!!! And I can't be bothered to write reviews, but here we are :-)

Another one with Pete derangement!!! Woot woot

This show just keeps amazing me! Love Jacque

So happy I found this man!!!

He’s absolutely hilarious! Recently found his podcast and it easily became my favorite!

Never Disappoints

By far my favorite podcast. They just keep getting better and better. From yelling at Chunki to his unapologetic views on just about everything he discusses each week. I just can’t get enough…..he is not afraid to say what most of us are thinking! Keep on being you

New listener from Ryan Bailey

Loved your banter with Ryan on so bad it’s good!!

Best podcast- love how politically incorrect he is

Great great show today, you asked all the questions I would ask, and he answered

Compelling PODCAST

My favorite thing about Jacques’s Podcast, is his ability to speak to talking points that are authentic to him. Some of his viewpoints I don’t exactly share, but I love listening to his show and hearing a well thought out perspective. In many cases he makes some really good points, points that really do make you open your mind and reconsider. You can tell Jacques comes from the media world (writer) as his Broadcasting style has such a captivating appeal. I love hearing his breakdowns w/ Zack Peter, Jess Rothschild, & so many more! Like I said even if I don’t always agree w an opinion, I still know that this Podcast is always going to be really compelling content. Cheers to 100 episodes, & Cheers to finding a lane that really showcases your work in the best light. Cheers, 🥂


Grand slam home run interview with the one — the only — Ma. Kelly Leventhall. Outstanding!