The best!

The September 13 episode has the BEST rant I’ve ever heard on a podcast. Check out his feelings about Jimmy Kimmel in this episode. Even if you don’t agree with some of his opinions (Rinna😑), you have to respect how he explains them. I listen to so many podcasts, and this is my absolute number one!


Intelligent, creative, interesting perspectives, seems like a good person. I respect that Jacques backs up his opinions and holds true to his beliefs. Increasingly fewer people are brave enough to say what they think, much less hold true to what they believe.

Love it

I don’t agree with a lot of his takes but by the end of the podcast he somehow has me respecting his point of view 😂 funny and honest


This interview was so good! It was meaty, fun, inspiring. I loved it. I’m going to find her teas and order some right now :)

Yes Jacques

So happy your audience is growing. An important voice in the PC sea. Good work and keep it up! Y’all let’s support Jacques via Patreon—I am and you should too.

You are welcome here!!!

I loved your honesty and courage to speak your mind on the “cult” themed episode. Stay safe and strong! Am writing from Atlanta. Have seen the horrific news about Australia over the last couple of months. I have always wanted to visit. I thought it was bad here…. I have listened to almost eve…

literally my favorite thing about monday

i look forward to mondays because of this podcast! he covers all my guilty pleasures and his opinions are spot on

Leah interview

Wow that was great! Hate on the show loved her interview! Loved it

Breath of fresh air!!!

You are such a breath of fresh air!!! I completely adore you and your point of view!!! Thank you for not being like the other stupid podcasters that have no original thoughts and are just slaves to social media likes! You rock!!!

Like contrapoints on pop culture.

Yes, thank you for a great pop culture pod that isn’t afraid to criticize the ridiculousness of the American political spectrum—both ends.

Dear Jacques,

I look forward to your episodes each week and am binging the past ones. I respect how you keep it real. Sometimes I even detect the hint of a sweet vulnerability coming through. I would totally want to be your friend


Refreshing. Too many podcasts are so filtered. They hold back. He is unapologetic and Hilarious. Cant wait for more episodes

The ONLY HONEST pop culture reality tv podcast!

The only pop culture reality tv podcast who isn’t afraid to provide genuine honest feedback! So refreshing!

Thank you

Wow that was great!

love itttttt

this is THE BEST realitytv podcast out there! jac’s beautiful aussie accent, bravo news, the mama june voice! EVERYTHING you need in a podcast! Also I loooove all the recaps bc sometimes i’m too busy. anyways you’re gunna love it

Best Podcast EVER

Am so glad I found you and just joined Patreon!

This podcast will emotionally fulfill you. Know that.

One of my favorite new podcasters! I don’t agree with all of his unpopular opinions, but I really enjoy listening to his insights (even when he’s wrong). He’s had some great interviews and goes off on the best rants in the business. I even listen to his podcasts about shows I don’t watch because he…

Awesome interview

Great interview with Spencer!!! 👏👏

Why are we not best friends!!

Love this show!!! Such a talented journalist and not scared to call things out how they really are. This show makes me laugh out loud and Jacques momma June voice is hysterical!!!

AMA patron

Wow that was great!

Best pop culture podcast

First off- you read my review on the show, on my birthday- I love this show so much. , that that shout out was the best birthday gift 🎁 Jacque is the most pragmatic pop culture podcast host which is why this is one of the best podcast. It’s so good to not be talked down to it be taught a lesson (as…

Oddly satisfying

Don’t agree with many of his opinions but love to hear this perspective! Funny to boot.

I Love Jacques Peterson!

Love his uncensored take on people and situations! Also appreciate the absence of vocal fry and his articulateness (I.e., minimal number of “umm” and “like” ). He’s the first person to get me interested in the Real Housewives franchise though I have yet to watch even one episode.

Love listening to you!

So glad to have found you! Love your honesty and refreshing take on the shows I love.

Music to my Ears

Refreshingly honest podcast while keeping the funny. Jacques saysthings everyone else is too PC to say. Even though I don't agree with him on everything, it's nice to hear his take on things. We should all be a little more like JP. Keep the podcast coming!

Today Monday the 5th

Wow that was great!

Thank you!

I am so glad I found your show! It is so refreshing to hear someone tell the truth rather than the popular opinion. I was beginning to think I was alone. I really am enjoying your podcast please keep it up. Thank you for what you do.

<3 u Jacques

I would gladly let Jacques recruit me for 90 day fiancé

Breath of fresh!

Jacques is such a breath of fresh air! Fearless and authentic - his opinions are based in reality and facts - he does not pander to the “politically correct” viewpoint, like most pop culture podcast hosts! Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s refreshing, it’s real, it’s entertaining!


Ep 45 best podcast episode of all time. Period. Jacques beware however they will be coming for you. As the pod grows, your wonderful fabulous frank un-PC speech will be hated and censored. Don’t let them—we need you and support you. I would happily pay more for daily episodes ad-free on Patreon.

Love this podcast so much

I enjoy Jacques' perspective. It's great to have someone who can think critically and has common sense. Those who think only in binary are boring. If you critize one side it doesn't mean you automatically support the opposite.

Has Pushed My Thinking

I like Jacques. Having recently discovered him, I’ve been enjoying listening to back episodes and keeping up when new ones drop. I think he’s very smart and has well thought out opinions about pop culture and the world. He’s discussed topics I’m familiar and his views have definitely lead me to re-…

Blunt take on shows

I’m here for your no nonsense take on bravo shows. Most podcasters are so afraid of people coming for them, that they overcompensate, and sound ridiculous. I’m over the race edit bravo is pushing on all the housewives shows. It’s no longer fun to watch. We don’t need to see them fighting over polit…


Happy I found Unpopular podcast! The host, Jacques, is super knowledgeable & witty. He will keep you laughing & informed on all the latest & greatest pop culture happenings. You don’t want to miss out from his solo episodes to his great guests, you will not be disappointed. Thanks for the work you …


Love your opinions! Thank you


Refreshing podcast with real honesty and rational thinking! My new fave that I will be binging - full of tea and fun!

Live your Pod!!!

Thanks for the great takes !!!


My new favorite podcaster! Finally, someone brave enough to go against the grain and speak out on the ridiculous hypocrisy amongst the Bravosphere and reality TV communities. Love his perspectives, love his accent, love his ability to be an independent thinker who won't be silenced and sell out. Al…

Great pod!

Always fun listening to you !


I love this podcast. Love at first listen. I am a Housewives Super Fan and a Juicy Scooper. I don’t mean to brag, but I am a Double Scoop Patreon member. I can’t wait to dive in to past episodes. I immediately downloaded the Porscha Williams focused podcast. What a find!


Literally bingeing this since a friend sent it to me. So entertaining and funny. Could listen for hours. Opinions are on-point (even the ones I don’t agree with)


After listening to repeated cookie-cutter opinions on various pop culture/Bravo podcasts, I am so happy to have found a voice that stands out from the crowd. It’s refreshing to hear real opinions from someone who is not afraid to break from the “correctness” spell that society threatens us with tod…

Breath of fresh air

What a great podcast, honest and I enjoy his honest to God opinion, he speaks his mind and is not worried about being politically correct. I applaud his speaking his mind on everything from housewives to pop culture in general.

Unpopular more like POPULAR

Jacques is the king of a hot take! A must listen!

Kindred spirit

Love it! I appreciate the candor and opinions based in reality! I discovered “unpopular” when listening to #nofilter, and found someone expressing exactly what I am thinking! It’s like talking to a friend about reality television. Thank you for the honesty!

New favorite

Love this podcast! Love how you are not afraid to express your opinion. Xo


Good podcast

Saucy Aussie

JP is my favorite Saucy Aussie who calls it as he sees it. His opinions may be unconventional but I agree with many of them and his delivery is always entertaining. Thank you, JP!

Fabulous Fun!

Love this podcast and his openness and opinions! Thank you for being you ! Fun listen !

I almost never agree with you but...

...that’s why I listen. Found you on Twitter and thought “ugh” a bunch of times, but then I realized that I need to engage with more people like you - those of different opinions and preferences who make me think of my own a little more. While I don’t normally see things the way you do, your opinio…


LOVE THIS POD! Love a human unafraid to express an unpop op. LIVE YOUR TRUTH. And this does not disappoint. ALSO. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Ps. I also Stan teddi. Heh.

Contrarian King 👑

Jacques has a fresh point of view that isn’t a copy and paste like so many other Bravo pods. His honest, take-no-prisoners vibe is compelling and hilarious. PS: do not miss the opening to the “Jen Shah is over party” episode 🤯

Often wrong, but always correct

In the monolith of reality TV podcasts (especially bravo oriented shows), this show offers a perspective that’s not in lockstep with the others. Aptly titled, the host is not afraid to voice his opinions and slaughter golden calves when necessary. If you’re looking for someone to “own people” and “…

Whew not

Found you today on Hot Takes & Deep Dives. Love your contrarian nature—you had me with I hate the view. And you like Teddi? Wow Jacques wow! Finally I think I found my politically incorrect friend who’s not afraid to criticize a black person—thank God. The whews of the world are young liberal idi…

Love this!

Love how honest he is about his opinions!

Love This Podcast

Such a breath of fresh air! Don’t ever change, so many podcasts have

Real person

I like how you don’t play for the 4 same people on Twitter. Thank you for having your own opinion.

A must listen!

Jacques is so funny, a fantastic podcaster both going solo and with a guest! His takes are always right on. Favorite reality podcaster! 💖💖💖

Good one

I enjoy listening to you - it was a good length for me!

Not UNpopular with me!

Love Jacques and his rants and his hilarious honest takes ...he just says it like it is! Refreshing!

Finally giving 5 stars!

I’ve listened to a handful of episodes before finally writing this. Jacques says things that can get to me and I’m sure to a lot of people and uses “cancel culture” a lot (which I choose to call accountability culture) but if you can get over it/realize what he’s really saying, he’s actually a left…


I could listen to his accent and his *hot takes* on TV all dayyyyy. Keep it up babe!

Love this pod!

I’m a new listener but I’ve gone back and listened to like 10 episodes in the last few days. I really like Jacques’s point of view on bravo/ pop culture. It’s interesting hearing from an Australian. I love that he’s not afraid of giving his opinion - he’s blunt but respectful about it. He is an en…

Authentic entertainment!

I recently discovered you on Ryan Bailey’s So bad it’s good podcast. Excellent podcast. You’re so genuine. Enjoy listening to your point of view and you’re a great interviewer!!! I wish you all the best on growing your phenomenal podcast further.

Hated your guest

I enjoy listening to you -

Love it!

Love your recaps and POV on reality TV. Keep it up!

Love love love

Hilarious, judgmental and witty take on pop culture topics, great guests and interviews

informative and entertaining

Great podcast. I highly enjoy how unfiltered and authentic you are. Please do not change.

Fantastic! So happy I found this guy!

Just discovered this podcast and so happy I did! What a breath of fresh air to not have to listen to constant conservative bashing and PC cow towing! He’s funny, snarky, and wow, actually REALLY shockingly edgy because he’s not ‘woke’ and fearful of the liberal left who try to control all opinions …

Found my new fav!! Pop culture phenom!

If you enjoy all things pop culture, Bravo and life stuff, you will love Jacques. He is funny, smart and heartachingly honest and real. Plus, his accent is adorable. Love this guy.💖💯🌈

Pure Fun!!

One of my new favorite podcasts! Love the unfiltered opinions, fun guests and witty recaps! Keep doing exactly what you're doing! Sheila

Love This Pod

Sending love from the US. Jacques has one of the best podcasts out there! Love your honest opinions - keep it coming ❤️!

Love it!

My new favorite podcast. Jacques is adorable.


I have been listening since day 1 and he is unapologetically himself! He brings it every episode. If you don’t agree with cancel couture and want the truth without the judgement, this is your pod!

I like who I like, I hate who I hate!

Love this guy! His podcast hits on every level!

Awesome Podcast

Great podcast! So informative and Jacques makes all the pop culture so easy to understand!


Wonderfully refreshing! Real opinions on our crazy reality TV world! Thank u!

Today’s episode was...

One of the best! Thanks for being spot on on everything today (especially Brandi Redmond’s disregard for her own podcast...).

Do not sleep on this podcast!!

Jacques has the gift of gab and has the most entrancing Australian accent. He is a natural at storytelling and taking you along for the ride as he explains all the latest in trash TV. I’m so glad I subscribed; you will not regret it!

My new #1 podcast!!!

“Unpopular with Jacques” is my new favorite indulgence... His podcasts are just the right length—- and he is completely comfortable sharing his authentic opinion on all things in pop culture —-Sometimes I agree 100% with him and other times - I’m in complete disagreement (ie: his alliance to Kelly …

The POV from Down Under

This is top level analysis and funny! Give us more 🧐 you are a welcome voice in my podcast library.

Honest and endearing

Anyone who gives this podcast a one star rating has clearly never listened to it. Jacques is funny and honest. Do I agree with everything he says? No. It that OK? YES. I still absolutely love listening to him and will continue to. Love it so much!!!

I love Jacques

I love this guy. He's perfect for reality TV gossip because he's not trying to get into the bravo world; he just wants to talk honestly about bravo and other reality tv issues. He's also such a good interviewer. I can't believe he's new to podcasting; he seems so comfortable with guests and speaks …

Great show

I enjoy listening -

Love this podcast!

This podcast is such a breath of fresh air. I love how opinionated it is. You won’t be disappointed by this funny Aussie.

Best podcast that isnt woke

Its so good to hear someone using common sense and not following Twitter trends on who to like and who to cancel! So fun! Love the Australian banter! Interviews with the housewives r the best! Love how u ur not woke and discuss things so well and logically!

Must listen

Jacques has all details on MAFS and Bravo. His accents is a major plus!! LOVE his personality and deep diving into all the gossip!

Love the honesty

Best content and his honesty feels fresh

Thank you 🙌

I am hooked. You have a fabulous way of articulating a situation resulting in a fair and logical recap. This podcast is by far my favorite. Thank you for being real and honest!

New and fun

I enjoy listening -

Interesting guests interesting topics

Such a pleasant voice as well. Jen Shah needs to be on “Mob Wives”

Love this podcast

A favorite podcast to listen to. Always up on all the latest gossip. Fun and fabulous. His interview skills have him asking everything your dying to hear. I look forward to every new podcast. Always the best!

Best pop culture podcast

Anyone giving this podcast a one star rating, isn’t a real listener to the podcast!!! Such a good podcast, great way of telling the stories, doing recaps and probably the most down to earth and logical person hosting a podcast today. Only negative is I wish it was daily and I’d love to hear his tak…

A Fresh New Take!

Love this fresh new take on all things pop culture and reality tv. Keeping it real and unapologetic. The interviews have been awesomely entertaining. I also deeply appreciate the face that Jacques is addressing cancel culture and the fine line between holding people accountable and actively destro…

My New Fav!

Listened first to the “Charlotte” episode and was hooked. I’ve since binged the rest. Jacques is smart, articulate and honest... he doesn’t just jump on the bandwagon, but takes the the time to research and understand an issue before sharing his well-thought-out opinion. Most of the time, I agree..…

Best pop culture podcast

Such a good podcast, great way of telling the stories, doing recaps and probably the most down to earth and logical person hosting a podcast today. Only negative is I wish it was daily and I’d love to hear his takes on some other things, (no politics please). Definitely worth subscribing to

Interesting guests interesting topics

Such a pleasant voice as well.


I absolutely love listening to this! Very entertaining and very down to earth! I look forward to every episode!! ❤️❤️

Smart and Funny

I just discovered this podcast and I love it. It’s smart, well researched and a wonderful addition to the podcast world. I look forward to more episodes.