Compelling PODCAST

My favorite thing about Jacques’s Podcast, is his ability to speak to talking points that are authentic to him. Some of his viewpoints I don’t exactly share, but I love listening to his show and hearing a well thought out perspective. In many cases he makes some really good points, points that really do make you open your mind and reconsider. You can tell Jacques comes from the media world (writer) as his Broadcasting style has such a captivating appeal. I love hearing his breakdowns w/ Zack Peter, Jess Rothschild, & so many more! Like I said even if I don’t always agree w an opinion, I still know that this Podcast is always going to be really compelling content. Cheers to 100 episodes, & Cheers to finding a lane that really showcases your work in the best light. Cheers, 🥂


Grand slam home run interview with the one — the only — Ma. Kelly Leventhall. Outstanding!

My favorite Pod!!

I listen to every single podcast! I love you and think you are hilarious and spot on with your take on things! I find myself agreeing with you all the time. Keep on doing you! 🙏🏼💙

Jacques is hilarious

I don’t always agree with his viewpoints but I love hearing his perspective!

“One drop

…” rebuttal in Jacques’ defense. Girl we’re good on YOU. Everyone join the Patreon, too! Support Jacques in pursuit of his career. No one gives it in the authentic, thoughtful, fun way that Jacques does. Excellent!

Best pop culture podcast

Great great show today, you asked all the questions I would ask, and he answered


Great podcast. Purely unafraid and I appreciate it. J

Your simply the best

What makes this a great podcast? The hot takes he makes! I might not agree with everything but isn’t that what makes the world great? I listen for the Bravo tea but he ends up talking about other interesting topics. Don’t sleep on this podcast! Give it a listen! U won’t regret it! Keep up the great work Jacques!

My always favorite podcast

Love love LOVE this podcast. I listen every time a new one shows up in my library. On point reviews of all the shows I watch and then opinions of everyday life that I also love listening to.


Heard you on unfiltered w Zack. Had to listen to yours after. You are hilarious and I agree w you on like everything lol

An intelligent podcast

Jacques is brilliant. He is smart enough to even know the difference between jail and prison. Most people who want to talk about criminal behavior or cases have no clue about this or other very important details of the genre. This is a superior podcast. He also has excellent diction. I enjoy Jacques’ take on current events. Love you Jacques!

Old Cath

I’m becoming addicted😎

You’re so funny!

I appreciate when you talk politics, you make sense! You crack me up!

American politics are complicated

I love you and you are hilarious and brilliant However please read the New Yorker to learn more in depth and well written by important journalists Ron DeSantis and the Unlearned Lessons of the G.O.P.’s Culture War

Great Podcast - Def suggest to reality show fans

I found you through Zack Peters podcast and what I love about you both is you don’t follow the mainstream narrative, you go by your true thoughts and facts. I miss the days we didn’t have to censor ourselves when shi talking reality shows and stars. This podcast covers lots of hot topics and reality shows/news so it’s always an entertaining episode. Jacques is hilarious and cracks me up when he does the impression of fans wining. It’s SO refreshing to find a podcast host who expresses similar thoughts that I have, even if it goes against the accepted woke narrative.

So good

He is soooo good and has a very unique perspective, and more often then not, correct review of the housewives shows. He is not the same old same old repeat that everyone else is doing. Listen to him, you will not regret it!

So funny & entertaining

Great podcast. Very entertaining and informative. Love it. You are hilarious. I LOL in my car.

So Authentic

Thanks for speaking out about things that a lot of people are holding back on! I started following you on Instagram and when I saw you had a podcast I knew I had to listen to you. You are so logical, funny and smart!

Best Pod Team 💜💜

Love when you guys get together! You talk about all the topics that we are all talking and thinking about without following the script that MSM wants you to stick to. You speak from your hearts and that’s why we love listening!

Simply the best

Been a listener for almost 2 years, and Jacque never fails to crack me up. Like laugh out loud funny. Besides his amazing takes, I love that he is never afraid to change his opinion! Instead of dying on a hill, he will always either apologize for believing false info or just admit that he’s changed his mind. SO refreshing. A must listen.

Love this Pod!

This has become a top 5 pod for me. I love how candid you are even if it’s “unpopular” Keep doing what you are doing Jacques!


This is one of the podcasts I most look forward to hearing each week! I love his opinions on most topics and he never fails to make me laugh! Makes working out bearable when I’m listening to it while running! Jeff


Great podcast. Purely unafraid and I appreciate it. J


This was the funniest pod ! This episode was hysterical ! Loved it - it’s a must listen

Love this Pod!

This has become a top 5 pod for me. I love how candid you are even if it’s “unpopular” Keep doing what you are doing Jacques!

Common sense

It’s nice to hear someone who has common sense and is not afraid to speak. I wish more people would stop and think about the WOKE movement and the public schools indoctrinating our kids…. Let kids be kids and let the parents teach their kids about life and the teachers and administrators teach school subjects not trying to confuse them!!!! Thank you for speaking up Jacques!!!!


The only person I can listen to solo pod.

The best

I enjoy Jacques thoughts so much! As a lady I enjoy his take on our love life! LOL ❤️

Refreshingly Real & Entertaining

It is refreshing to listen to someone who has critical thinking skills and is not afraid to ruffle feathers in a naturally entertaining manner. Jacques brings the tea before anyone else and has the receipts to back it up. I am so glad I found Jacques through Zack Peter’s podcast, both true professionals in the world of podcasting. Sign up for the Patreon. It’s worth it.

Unique Hot Takes

I love JP because it’s so rare to find a Bravo fan with common sense (NOT a crazy woke person!) I don’t always agree with him on everything but at least he has some sense! He may call himself “unpopular” but to me he is just about thre best!