I love Jacques point of view

Jacques is very talented and I love ❤️ to hear his thoughts on The Housewives and popular culture. He’s not afraid to voice his opinion. I look forward to a new episode every week! 😊

Episode 74

Listening to Jacques’ take on taxes and working out of the most relatable shot ever! I laughed to hard I had to pause the podcast!


Honest honest and honest, that’s why he is unpopular, but it he?!? Luv the show!!!


Sharing your personal horrific stories w us. I really enjoy them.

Just a fan

Love the accent and the way you speak about all the gossip. I get bored very easily but I can listen to you for hours when you speak you are so colorful and have such a great personality. I Love when you talk about what’s hot right now or just basically your family . You have a way of taking ordinary events and making them sooo freakin funny … it is halarious . My only wish is that you were on more often 😞.. I wish you broadcast at least 2 times a week lol. It’s good stuff man ! Keep up the good work and we are listening 👍👍😂

SF listener

This is THE best podcaster I have listened to. Offers opinions and perspectives that enables thought-provoking ideas. I listen to podcasts to learn and open up my mind, and am consistently satisfied with the content. Thank you Jacques, keep doing what you’re doing!


You seem miserable! Still love the pod! ❤️

Jacques is the best

I love hearing Jacques’s takes on everything. Despite disagreeing with him sometimes, he always has compelling reasons for his opinions and tells them in a very entertaining and funny manner. Jacques is clearly very smart and well-spoken. I also love his accent and his voice. I can’t get enough of his podcast. Thank you, Jacques.

Jacque is the best!

I always get excited when I receive an email that Jacque has a new podcast to listen to. I even downloaded Patreon just to listen to more of Jacque. I love his sense of humor. Love his commentary of reality shows I watch. He even has me watching some I did not know about. I always feel like I’m sitting with a freind in the room and gossiping about all the juicy stuff. I catch myself literally agreeing with him out loud as though he can hear me. 😂 His courage to talk about certain subjects, the realness of his life and who he is a breath of fresh air. There have been mornings during shutdowns waking up exhausted with all of it. I put on his podcast or patreon and find myself cracking up, completely lost and oblivious to the ‘life’ shutdown around me. I hope to hear his podcast and patreon for years to come. I truly wish him all the very best because I think he deserves it.

I was wrong

I first heard Jacques on another podcast. We had differing views. I hated his. I sent him a DM and he couldn’t have been kinder. I started following him and actually listened to his podcast. He’s funny and smart. I believe he likes the unpopular just to tease the masses. I truly enjoy him! He’s also responsive and open on all platforms. Give him a listen and I think you will enjoy him!

You make me laugh, even when I don’t agree😀

So glad to have found you! Love your honesty and refreshing take on the shows I love.

Great Podcast - Def suggest to reality show fans

I found you through Zack Peters podcast and what I love about you both is you don’t follow the mainstream narrative, you go by your true thoughts and facts. I miss the days we didn’t have to censor ourselves when shi talking reality shows and stars. This podcast covers lots of hot topics and reality shows/news so it’s always an entertaining episode.

Just a fan

Love the accent and the way you speak about all the gossip. I get bored very easily but I can listen to you for hours when you speak you are so colorful and have such a great personality. I Love when you talk about what’s hot right now or just basically your family . You have a way of taking ordinary events and making them sooo freakin funny … it is halarious . My only wish is that you were on more often 😞.. I wish you broadcast at least 2 times a week lol. It’s good stuff man ! Keep up the good work and we are listening 👍👍😂

Five stars

I just love this podcast! Jacques has such a refreshing and honest perspective

Australian King Jacques

Where would we be without our King Jacques! He always keeps it real with a fresh and diverse perspective. Jacques is not afraid to go against the grain. Even if it’s Unpopular!

Valid points for unpopular opinions

Even though I don’t agree with everything, and you probably won’t either, Jacques always has well thought out unpopular opinions with some valid points, thus making it a standout in the plethora of bravo/reality/pop culture podcast jungle that tends to be “same old, same old”. Entertaining podcast worth every minute!

You don’t have to agree with everything

You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but he’s always entertaining and I find his candor refreshing.

<3 The best <3

Where would I be without Jacques’ words to heal me when I’m seething over the Housewives fandom… over the Leah hate… Real heads know. Thank god #DianDan introduced me to you!!

Listen to this!

Real talk, he says out loud want you are already thinking and won’t admit it. Unpopular thoughts are sometime made my people who have actually examined the whole story. This podcast makes me laugh out loud.

🥇 Love this podcast!🥇

✨✨✨👏🏽👏🏽Love it!!!!you always keep it real & keeps me laughing always thanks Jacques✨✨✨✨

Love you!

You are fascinating so sweet & well read. 5 stars darling 💛💛

Bingeing this and loving it!

I found this podcast by accident and THANK GOD I did! Jacques has the best podcast voice and personality. He is spot on with all Bravo has to offer. I love the interviews especially with Tamra Judge! I have been bingeing this podcast and I get super excited now for my very long commute to work so I can listen to Unpopular. Thank you for creating this podcast full of perfect content on my favorite Bravo shows!!


One of !my absolute faves!! Fun and honest opinions, luv Jacques !

Favorite podcast!

Love everything about Jacques' podcast. Please carry on!


My new favorite podcaster! Finally, someone brave enough to go against the grain and speak out on the ridiculous hypocrisy amongst the Bravosphere/reality TV communities, plus the way he calls out some of the brainwashed journalists is absolutely supreme and a talent in itself! Love his perspectives, love his accent, love his ability to be an independent thinker who won't be silenced and sell out.

Refreshingly Honest

Jacques is such a refreshing breath of fresh air. You can tell he pours his heart into the show and that he’s excited by all the topics. Love his nuanced take on the Erika drama of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. His interviews with both Crystal from the aforementioned, “RHOBH” and his interview with Janet from the criminally underrated, “Real Housewives of Melbourne” were brilliant. He should in fact host the reunion for them. He would get them to speak the facts. I highly recommend that you check out his podcast. You will not regret it. Unless you’re extra woke or not open to differing opinions or afraid of expanding you’re own horizons—then move on! Three Cheers to Jacques!! Next stop, YouTube?

Listen for a Good Time!

Jacques does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be entertained and informed!

One of my favorite podcasters!

Thank you for always speaking your truth. I find myself listening to your podcast and nodding my head in agreement to a lot of the stuff you say. I enjoy listening to your thoughts and views about things. You’re also effin hilarious. Thank you for entertaining us!

Yes Jacques

Great pod. Truly unique and important voice. Y’all need to support him via Patreon.

🥇 Love this podcast!🥇

YES So refreshing! You make me crack up! Had to become a Patreon member too 🙌🏽 Thanks for getting me through my 5 hour flight quick. Ah👏🏽maz👏🏽ing👏🏽


Unapologetically saying what needs to be said and calling it for what it is!


May not always agree with Jacques but he’s definitely entertaining/funny with his cursing rants. I listen to all his podcasts! Keep going Jacques!!!!

I love Jacques point of view

Jacques is very talented and I love ❤️ to hear his thoughts on The Housewives and popular culture. He’s not afraid to voice his opinion. I look forward to a new episode every week! 😊

In Love

What a talented host. Hot takes that are genuinely interesting. A must listen.

Love this pod!

Always giving love it thank you! Patreon is super good!

Love this Show

I absolutely love listening. He’s made me see some things from a different perspective and I love it.

Thank god for Jacques

Jacques is a true individual, sometimes I’ll disagree with his opinion but he explains himself in a way that makes me reframe how I think about an issue. He’s incredibly bright and it’s so fun listening to his honest takes.

The best Bravo pod out there!

There’s a ton of pods out there for us Bravo fans but this one is truly the most original! If you’re afraid of contrarian ideas this is not the podcast for you! The rest of the reality tv podcasts all come across as cookie cutter but not so with our Jacques, he is every bit the quintessential contrarian but always provides an interesting angle! You may not agree with him but you can rest assure that he’s not afraid to speak his viewpoint and he comes equipped with the backbone to stand behind what he says. In addition, you get to listen to his adorable Australian accent! It is ridiculously soothing, I can not recommend this podcast enough!

You are welcome here!!!

I loved your honesty and courage to speak your mind on the “cult” themed episode. Stay safe and strong! Am writing from Atlanta. Have seen the horrific news about Australia over the last couple of months. I have always wanted to visit. I thought it was bad here…. I have listened to almost every one of your episodes. Don’t always agree with you completely but am always completely entertained.

The best!

The September 13 episode has the BEST rant I’ve ever heard on a podcast. Check out his feelings about Jimmy Kimmel in this episode. Even if you don’t agree with some of his opinions (Rinna😑), you have to respect how he explains them. I listen to so many podcasts, and this is my absolute number one!


Intelligent, creative, interesting perspectives, seems like a good person. I respect that Jacques backs up his opinions and holds true to his beliefs. Increasingly fewer people are brave enough to say what they think, much less hold true to what they believe.

Love it

I don’t agree with a lot of his takes but by the end of the podcast he somehow has me respecting his point of view 😂 funny and honest


This interview was so good! It was meaty, fun, inspiring. I loved it. I’m going to find her teas and order some right now :)

Yes Jacques

So happy your audience is growing. An important voice in the PC sea. Good work and keep it up! Y’all let’s support Jacques via Patreon—I am and you should too.

You are welcome here!!!

I loved your honesty and courage to speak your mind on the “cult” themed episode. Stay safe and strong! Am writing from Atlanta. Have seen the horrific news about Australia over the last couple of months. I have always wanted to visit. I thought it was bad here…. I have listened to almost every one of your episodes. Don’t always agree with you completely but am always completely entertained.

literally my favorite thing about monday

i look forward to mondays because of this podcast! he covers all my guilty pleasures and his opinions are spot on

Leah interview

Wow that was great! Hate on the show loved her interview! Loved it

Breath of fresh air!!!

You are such a breath of fresh air!!! I completely adore you and your point of view!!! Thank you for not being like the other stupid podcasters that have no original thoughts and are just slaves to social media likes! You rock!!!

Like contrapoints on pop culture.

Yes, thank you for a great pop culture pod that isn’t afraid to criticize the ridiculousness of the American political spectrum—both ends.

Dear Jacques,

I look forward to your episodes each week and am binging the past ones. I respect how you keep it real. Sometimes I even detect the hint of a sweet vulnerability coming through. I would totally want to be your friend


Refreshing. Too many podcasts are so filtered. They hold back. He is unapologetic and Hilarious. Cant wait for more episodes

The ONLY HONEST pop culture reality tv podcast!

The only pop culture reality tv podcast who isn’t afraid to provide genuine honest feedback! So refreshing!

Thank you

Wow that was great!

love itttttt

this is THE BEST realitytv podcast out there! jac’s beautiful aussie accent, bravo news, the mama june voice! EVERYTHING you need in a podcast! Also I loooove all the recaps bc sometimes i’m too busy. anyways you’re gunna love it

Best Podcast EVER

Am so glad I found you and just joined Patreon!

This podcast will emotionally fulfill you. Know that.

One of my favorite new podcasters! I don’t agree with all of his unpopular opinions, but I really enjoy listening to his insights (even when he’s wrong). He’s had some great interviews and goes off on the best rants in the business. I even listen to his podcasts about shows I don’t watch because he’s so funny. Highly recommend!

Awesome interview

Great interview with Spencer!!! 👏👏

Why are we not best friends!!

Love this show!!! Such a talented journalist and not scared to call things out how they really are. This show makes me laugh out loud and Jacques momma June voice is hysterical!!!

AMA patron

Wow that was great!

Best pop culture podcast

First off- you read my review on the show, on my birthday- I love this show so much. , that that shout out was the best birthday gift 🎁 Jacque is the most pragmatic pop culture podcast host which is why this is one of the best podcast. It’s so good to not be talked down to it be taught a lesson (as much of the shows are doing now) he thinks and speaks in such a practical way , it refreshing .the amount of effort he puts into this podcast shows greatly

Oddly satisfying

Don’t agree with many of his opinions but love to hear this perspective! Funny to boot.

I Love Jacques Peterson!

Love his uncensored take on people and situations! Also appreciate the absence of vocal fry and his articulateness (I.e., minimal number of “umm” and “like” ). He’s the first person to get me interested in the Real Housewives franchise though I have yet to watch even one episode.

Love listening to you!

So glad to have found you! Love your honesty and refreshing take on the shows I love.

Music to my Ears

Refreshingly honest podcast while keeping the funny. Jacques saysthings everyone else is too PC to say. Even though I don't agree with him on everything, it's nice to hear his take on things. We should all be a little more like JP. Keep the podcast coming!

Today Monday the 5th

Wow that was great!

Thank you!

I am so glad I found your show! It is so refreshing to hear someone tell the truth rather than the popular opinion. I was beginning to think I was alone. I really am enjoying your podcast please keep it up. Thank you for what you do.

<3 u Jacques

I would gladly let Jacques recruit me for 90 day fiancé

Breath of fresh!

Jacques is such a breath of fresh air! Fearless and authentic - his opinions are based in reality and facts - he does not pander to the “politically correct” viewpoint, like most pop culture podcast hosts! Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s refreshing, it’s real, it’s entertaining!


Ep 45 best podcast episode of all time. Period. Jacques beware however they will be coming for you. As the pod grows, your wonderful fabulous frank un-PC speech will be hated and censored. Don’t let them—we need you and support you. I would happily pay more for daily episodes ad-free on Patreon.

Love this podcast so much

I enjoy Jacques' perspective. It's great to have someone who can think critically and has common sense. Those who think only in binary are boring. If you critize one side it doesn't mean you automatically support the opposite.

Has Pushed My Thinking

I like Jacques. Having recently discovered him, I’ve been enjoying listening to back episodes and keeping up when new ones drop. I think he’s very smart and has well thought out opinions about pop culture and the world. He’s discussed topics I’m familiar and his views have definitely lead me to re-evaluate some of my thoughts as well. If you’re a Bravo/pop culture fan and looking for smart takes that really are balanced, give him a listen.

Blunt take on shows

I’m here for your no nonsense take on bravo shows. Most podcasters are so afraid of people coming for them, that they overcompensate, and sound ridiculous. I’m over the race edit bravo is pushing on all the housewives shows. It’s no longer fun to watch. We don’t need to see them fighting over politics (I’m looking at you cat lady with ripped couch and salad BF), or anything about race. We watch these shows to escape and laugh. Keep it real, and keep it blunt. Love your podcast!


Happy I found Unpopular podcast! The host, Jacques, is super knowledgeable & witty. He will keep you laughing & informed on all the latest & greatest pop culture happenings. You don’t want to miss out from his solo episodes to his great guests, you will not be disappointed. Thanks for the work you do, Jacques! Loving the bonus episode this week!


Love your opinions! Thank you


Refreshing podcast with real honesty and rational thinking! My new fave that I will be binging - full of tea and fun!

Live your Pod!!!

Thanks for the great takes !!!


My new favorite podcaster! Finally, someone brave enough to go against the grain and speak out on the ridiculous hypocrisy amongst the Bravosphere and reality TV communities. Love his perspectives, love his accent, love his ability to be an independent thinker who won't be silenced and sell out. Also yassss bb, Virgo Pride! (I’m 9/19)😙❣️

Great pod!

Always fun listening to you !


I love this podcast. Love at first listen. I am a Housewives Super Fan and a Juicy Scooper. I don’t mean to brag, but I am a Double Scoop Patreon member. I can’t wait to dive in to past episodes. I immediately downloaded the Porscha Williams focused podcast. What a find!


Literally bingeing this since a friend sent it to me. So entertaining and funny. Could listen for hours. Opinions are on-point (even the ones I don’t agree with)


After listening to repeated cookie-cutter opinions on various pop culture/Bravo podcasts, I am so happy to have found a voice that stands out from the crowd. It’s refreshing to hear real opinions from someone who is not afraid to break from the “correctness” spell that society threatens us with today.

Breath of fresh air

What a great podcast, honest and I enjoy his honest to God opinion, he speaks his mind and is not worried about being politically correct. I applaud his speaking his mind on everything from housewives to pop culture in general.

Unpopular more like POPULAR

Jacques is the king of a hot take! A must listen!

Kindred spirit

Love it! I appreciate the candor and opinions based in reality! I discovered “unpopular” when listening to #nofilter, and found someone expressing exactly what I am thinking! It’s like talking to a friend about reality television. Thank you for the honesty!

New favorite

Love this podcast! Love how you are not afraid to express your opinion. Xo


Good podcast

Saucy Aussie

JP is my favorite Saucy Aussie who calls it as he sees it. His opinions may be unconventional but I agree with many of them and his delivery is always entertaining. Thank you, JP!

Fabulous Fun!

Love this podcast and his openness and opinions! Thank you for being you ! Fun listen !

I almost never agree with you but...

...that’s why I listen. Found you on Twitter and thought “ugh” a bunch of times, but then I realized that I need to engage with more people like you - those of different opinions and preferences who make me think of my own a little more. While I don’t normally see things the way you do, your opinions are unapologetic and often hilarious.


LOVE THIS POD! Love a human unafraid to express an unpop op. LIVE YOUR TRUTH. And this does not disappoint. ALSO. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Ps. I also Stan teddi. Heh.

Contrarian King 👑

Jacques has a fresh point of view that isn’t a copy and paste like so many other Bravo pods. His honest, take-no-prisoners vibe is compelling and hilarious. PS: do not miss the opening to the “Jen Shah is over party” episode 🤯

Often wrong, but always correct

In the monolith of reality TV podcasts (especially bravo oriented shows), this show offers a perspective that’s not in lockstep with the others. Aptly titled, the host is not afraid to voice his opinions and slaughter golden calves when necessary. If you’re looking for someone to “own people” and “trigger others” this is not the podcast for you. The podcast host is thoughtful and opinionated, but not afraid to call out hypocrisy and dull story telling when he sees it on TV. He’s also funny. 5 stars!!!

Whew not

Found you today on Hot Takes & Deep Dives. Love your contrarian nature—you had me with I hate the view. And you like Teddi? Wow Jacques wow! Finally I think I found my politically incorrect friend who’s not afraid to criticize a black person—thank God. The whews of the world are young liberal idiots who do not think critically or independently. Keep it up!

Love this!

Love how honest he is about his opinions!

Love This Podcast

Such a breath of fresh air! Don’t ever change, so many podcasts have

Real person

I like how you don’t play for the 4 same people on Twitter. Thank you for having your own opinion.

A must listen!

Jacques is so funny, a fantastic podcaster both going solo and with a guest! His takes are always right on. Favorite reality podcaster! 💖💖💖

Good one

I enjoy listening to you - it was a good length for me!

Not UNpopular with me!

Love Jacques and his rants and his hilarious honest takes ...he just says it like it is! Refreshing!

Finally giving 5 stars!

I’ve listened to a handful of episodes before finally writing this. Jacques says things that can get to me and I’m sure to a lot of people and uses “cancel culture” a lot (which I choose to call accountability culture) but if you can get over it/realize what he’s really saying, he’s actually a leftist and cares about the bigger issues that matter. He calls out democrats and the American left which is NOT left. Calling out Dems does not equal an endorsement for the right. He’s actually going to be able to reach more people than a lot of us who get stuck on small things. I recommend listening to at least 4 or 5 episodes to get a better picture of who he is and what he believes if you’re someone who thinks he’s not “woke” enough as he loves to say. (Spoiler: he’s way more work than most Americans saying we are) I’m so glad i listened to a bunch of episodes so I can fully enjoy it without getting stuck on words. I realize I made this political and he tries not to, but a lot of the people who don’t love him are probably what they think is left but are actually just liberals. No those terms are not synonymous. Jacques analyzing his bad review is the episode that made me finally write this. 5 stars for Jacques. He’s smart and he’s great for the podcast world.


I could listen to his accent and his *hot takes* on TV all dayyyyy. Keep it up babe!

Love this pod!

I’m a new listener but I’ve gone back and listened to like 10 episodes in the last few days. I really like Jacques’s point of view on bravo/ pop culture. It’s interesting hearing from an Australian. I love that he’s not afraid of giving his opinion - he’s blunt but respectful about it. He is an encyclopedia of pop culture and you can tell he does detailed research before interviewing guests which leads to more complex topics than what I hear on other interviews with the same people. My only critique is that I want more than one podcast from him each week! :)

Authentic entertainment!

I recently discovered you on Ryan Bailey’s So bad it’s good podcast. Excellent podcast. You’re so genuine. Enjoy listening to your point of view and you’re a great interviewer!!! I wish you all the best on growing your phenomenal podcast further.

Hated your guest

I enjoy listening to you -

Love it!

Love your recaps and POV on reality TV. Keep it up!

Love love love

Hilarious, judgmental and witty take on pop culture topics, great guests and interviews

informative and entertaining

Great podcast. I highly enjoy how unfiltered and authentic you are. Please do not change.

Fantastic! So happy I found this guy!

Just discovered this podcast and so happy I did! What a breath of fresh air to not have to listen to constant conservative bashing and PC cow towing! He’s funny, snarky, and wow, actually REALLY shockingly edgy because he’s not ‘woke’ and fearful of the liberal left who try to control all opinions and ideas nowadays. Please don’t worry about the negative reviews left by a handful of losers with multiple devices. There are more of us that agree with you than of them. I love your show and have been recommending it to everyone!

Found my new fav!! Pop culture phenom!

If you enjoy all things pop culture, Bravo and life stuff, you will love Jacques. He is funny, smart and heartachingly honest and real. Plus, his accent is adorable. Love this guy.💖💯🌈

Pure Fun!!

One of my new favorite podcasts! Love the unfiltered opinions, fun guests and witty recaps! Keep doing exactly what you're doing! Sheila

Love This Pod

Sending love from the US. Jacques has one of the best podcasts out there! Love your honest opinions - keep it coming ❤️!

Love it!

My new favorite podcast. Jacques is adorable.


I have been listening since day 1 and he is unapologetically himself! He brings it every episode. If you don’t agree with cancel couture and want the truth without the judgement, this is your pod!

I like who I like, I hate who I hate!

Love this guy! His podcast hits on every level!

Awesome Podcast

Great podcast! So informative and Jacques makes all the pop culture so easy to understand!


Wonderfully refreshing! Real opinions on our crazy reality TV world! Thank u!

Today’s episode was...

One of the best! Thanks for being spot on on everything today (especially Brandi Redmond’s disregard for her own podcast...).

Do not sleep on this podcast!!

Jacques has the gift of gab and has the most entrancing Australian accent. He is a natural at storytelling and taking you along for the ride as he explains all the latest in trash TV. I’m so glad I subscribed; you will not regret it!

My new #1 podcast!!!

“Unpopular with Jacques” is my new favorite indulgence... His podcasts are just the right length—- and he is completely comfortable sharing his authentic opinion on all things in pop culture —-Sometimes I agree 100% with him and other times - I’m in complete disagreement (ie: his alliance to Kelly Dodd) ... but, all is good because it feels like you are having a heart-felt; AND fun conversation with a best friend and nobody is “holding back” in an effort to NOT be offensive. Jacques is perfectly comfortable giving you his honest take on Bravo; highlighted television shows; and people in the news. He’s the kind of person who would tell you the straight up answer to your “do these jeans make me look fat” question. He’s awesome. Tune in!!! You will love listening to him. ♥️❗️

The POV from Down Under

This is top level analysis and funny! Give us more 🧐 you are a welcome voice in my podcast library.

Honest and endearing

Anyone who gives this podcast a one star rating has clearly never listened to it. Jacques is funny and honest. Do I agree with everything he says? No. It that OK? YES. I still absolutely love listening to him and will continue to. Love it so much!!!

I love Jacques

I love this guy. He's perfect for reality TV gossip because he's not trying to get into the bravo world; he just wants to talk honestly about bravo and other reality tv issues. He's also such a good interviewer. I can't believe he's new to podcasting; he seems so comfortable with guests and speaks so easily. This podcast easily went into my top realty tv podcasts.

Great show

I enjoy listening -

Love this podcast!

This podcast is such a breath of fresh air. I love how opinionated it is. You won’t be disappointed by this funny Aussie.

Best podcast that isnt woke

Its so good to hear someone using common sense and not following Twitter trends on who to like and who to cancel! So fun! Love the Australian banter! Interviews with the housewives r the best! Love how u ur not woke and discuss things so well and logically!

Must listen

Jacques has all details on MAFS and Bravo. His accents is a major plus!! LOVE his personality and deep diving into all the gossip!

Love the honesty

Best content and his honesty feels fresh

Thank you 🙌

I am hooked. You have a fabulous way of articulating a situation resulting in a fair and logical recap. This podcast is by far my favorite. Thank you for being real and honest!

New and fun

I enjoy listening -

Interesting guests interesting topics

Such a pleasant voice as well. Jen Shah needs to be on “Mob Wives”

Love this podcast

A favorite podcast to listen to. Always up on all the latest gossip. Fun and fabulous. His interview skills have him asking everything your dying to hear. I look forward to every new podcast. Always the best!

Best pop culture podcast

Anyone giving this podcast a one star rating, isn’t a real listener to the podcast!!! Such a good podcast, great way of telling the stories, doing recaps and probably the most down to earth and logical person hosting a podcast today. Only negative is I wish it was daily and I’d love to hear his takes on some other things, (no politics please). Definitely worth subscribing to

A Fresh New Take!

Love this fresh new take on all things pop culture and reality tv. Keeping it real and unapologetic. The interviews have been awesomely entertaining. I also deeply appreciate the face that Jacques is addressing cancel culture and the fine line between holding people accountable and actively destroying an individual’s rep or career over mistakes or simple misunderstandings. I’m into it!

My New Fav!

Listened first to the “Charlotte” episode and was hooked. I’ve since binged the rest. Jacques is smart, articulate and honest... he doesn’t just jump on the bandwagon, but takes the the time to research and understand an issue before sharing his well-thought-out opinion. Most of the time, I agree... but even if I don’t, it’s a great listen. Oh, one more thing... he’s spot-on about SLC!

Best pop culture podcast

Such a good podcast, great way of telling the stories, doing recaps and probably the most down to earth and logical person hosting a podcast today. Only negative is I wish it was daily and I’d love to hear his takes on some other things, (no politics please). Definitely worth subscribing to

Interesting guests interesting topics

Such a pleasant voice as well.


I absolutely love listening to this! Very entertaining and very down to earth! I look forward to every episode!! ❤️❤️

Smart and Funny

I just discovered this podcast and I love it. It’s smart, well researched and a wonderful addition to the podcast world. I look forward to more episodes.

Guilt no more

First let me start by saying I love your podcast. I was first drawn to it because of the Tamara interview and have been an avid listener ever since. It’s a fresh breath of air to hear an unbiased opinion and from someone who’s opinion may not always be popular, but I love that fact that you are true to yourself. Thank you for keeping me entertained while I work.

Best new pod

Love his takes on shows

Always looking for a trash TV podcast!

Love it, so fun! Jacques voice is very chill and calming. The the content is deeply entertaining.

That’s his opinion!!

I appreciate your thoughts and opinions while still seeing other sides. Thoroughly enjoying your podcast and view points, keep up the great work

Thank you!♥️🇺🇸♥️

I’m new to you and the whole podcast thing! I used to like Kelly Dodd when she first came on the show of the OC. Unfortunately she has lost her “sensitive chip”. I do enjoy hearing your point of view. ♥️🇺🇸♥️


Love finding a new Bravo podcast that isn’t afraid to be po(p)litically incorrect! So refreshing!!!

Keeps it REAL

I really enjoy his podcasts. I enjoy how he is fair about current reality star topics. He presents the facts and sticks with them and doesn’t just go with popular opinions. Oh yea...AND he RESEARCHES them...Obviously the accent is a plus.

Thank you 🙌

I am so grateful for your white supremacist/bravo historian episode. It was fabulously done and accurate. You said everything I was thinking.

Love this!

I love this podcast! Just in the one I listen to today, everything is addressed with fairness. Keep up the good work❤️

Review from Shira Hirschman Weiss

Refreshing and I love hearing from someone outside of the U.S. Well done, intriguing and great content!

Real Talk at last!!!

This podcast is so refreshing. I applaud anyone willing to voice their opinion whether it will be popular or not, a real rarity these days. There are plenty of Bravo and pop culture podcasts to choose from, but this is one of the few that TELLS IT LIKE IT IS!!! Thank you!!!!

Fun, smart and snarky

This podcast is incredible! I don’t always agree with Jacques but his commentary is legendary. He’s smart, funny and honest. If you enjoy reality TV and pop culture, this podcast will really tickle your pickle!

Jacques is NOT a Ragamuffin!

This is a Podcast that I seriously look forward to every week! What a fantastic ride it has been through all 16 🔥 episodes thus far! He is unapologetic, in an educated way and is able to explain the topic, to the point where you’re feeling knowledgeable! There is never any filler, so if the show is 30 or 60+ minutes he truly hits it out of the park and you don’t get bored! What a fantastic way to start your week, you’ll be as addicted as I am within the first few minutes of listening to this King! Five stars and if I could give more I would! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazingly Awesome!!!

I happened to find this Podcast by chance while looking for Real Housewives and Bravo content. I had listened to others that were either not entertaining enough or kind of boring or just had a biased slant and it turned me off. Well - not with Popilitically Incorrect! I am absolutely hooked on listening!; I can’t get enough.! Where has this host Jacques been? He just says it like it is. And the Bravo guest interviews are the best I have ever heard - he is so much better than Andy Cohen’s WWHL interviews or any other podcast interviews I’ve ever listened to. Finding this Podcast has literally brought me the entertainment joy I’ve been desperately seeking after such a dismal 2020 year and now looking like 2021 not much better. After being bombarded with negativity and over abundance of information and mostly biased entertainment news, what a refreshing enjoyable time I have now for my entertainment fix. Thank you Jacques for your shows and for just being you!

Love it!!

The missing link to my pod library. Thank you for being so unapologetically real and honest.

So happy I found this!!!

This podcast is amazing; not only is the content 10/10 but the host is super talented!


This is how I start my Monday mornings love it helps get me going I work out listening to it and I forget I’m working out !!!

Refreshing pop culture podcast with unique guests

I love this podcast because Jacques has a unique and sometimes unpopular take on a lot of pop culture (namely reality tv) topics which makes the podcast refreshing and exciting! The host is always well researched and intelligent when talking about the topics (from trashy housewives reality tv moments to serious social topics) which makes me really want to hear his take and pushes the conversations on hot topics forward. I also love the guests that he gets that range from former housewives or reality tv producers - they are unique and Jacques is a huge fan of the people he has on the show, so he always asks the juicy questions and convo going to get info that I would actually want to know! Highly recommend!!!

Future 1 star review

You mispronounced a word so I’m giving you 1 star. You shall never know when or if my 1 star rating will be posted. Enjoy these 5 stars while they last. 👹 Just kidding, I really enjoy your podcast and your content. Love, a fellow progressive leftie. ❤️

Love it!!

I listen to this pod every day!! Love the hot takes and unapologetic honesty!

So entertaining and fun

I am not sure how I found this podcast but it’s my Monday treat. Jacques is a breath of fresh air bc he says whatever he wants with no fear of cancel culture! Love him.


My new favorite podcast! I love as a conservative, I can still listen to your podcast and not feel judged. I enjoy your podcast, love your view points and agree! I love that you speak your mind and aren’t judgemental! I’m obsessed!!! You rock!

Yay! Fun!

Great and fun to listen to! I'm a Reality TV & Me listener- that's how I found this pod, luv it!

Not afraid

Thank you for speaking your mind and being willing to listen to other minds as well while not judging. It’s nice to find someone not apart of a mob mentality.

Honest, entertaining and real.

A great show, with thankfully someone who gives his real opinion!


Your takes are so on point, Jacques! I also abhor the cancel culture and the overarching vilification of anything and anyone who doesn’t bleed blue. Keep up the snark and the bitchiness — you’re doing the best thing for the masses.

Love the pod!

Love you and your pod! It is refreshing to listen to someone that doesn’t go too far about their politcal side and can just dish the tea about real housewives!

Best interviews!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! The interviews are great 🥰🥰🥰😍

Great Show! Bravo!

Loving this show so far! I don’t watch every Bravo show, but Jacques breaks down the latest drama in a nuanced way that makes it easy for casual watchers to follow, and has had really engaging guests so far. Happy to add this podcast to my weekly rotation.

Jacques rocks!

I can't wait to steal Jacques' hottest takes and pass them off as my own. The girls at the office will think I'm a Housewives genius!

My new fave

I’m a casual RH fan, but it’s amazing to listen to someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about! Give this podcast a shot. You won’t regret it!


This podcast is all about the host. Jacques is like an industry insider who stole his NDA — and the lawyers can’t figure out how to shut him up. Even his wrong opinions are entertaining.

Keep doing this!

I am OBSESSED with this pod! 💖

Great Podcast

Great to hear such an in depth interview with the one and only tamra. Arcadey has clearly done his homework and has a knack for getting guests to open up. Amazing first ep!

Iconic 😍

Love this podcast so far! The first episode got me hooked + wanting more. The quality is much better than a lot of reality podcasts. 👌🏻