Unpopular with Jacques Peterson

Jacque is the best!

I always get excited when I receive an email that Jacque has a new podcast to listen to. I even downloaded Patreon just to listen to more of Jacque.
I love his sense of humor. Love his commentary of reality shows I watch. He even has me watching some I did not know about.
I always feel like I’m sitting with a freind in the room and gossiping about all the juicy stuff.
I catch myself literally agreeing with him out loud as though he can hear me. πŸ˜‚
His courage to talk about certain subjects, the realness of his life and who he is a breath of fresh air.
There have been mornings during shutdowns waking up exhausted with all of it. I put on his podcast or patreon and find myself cracking up, completely lost and oblivious to the β€˜life’ shutdown around me.
I hope to hear his podcast and patreon for years to come.
I truly wish him all the very best because I think he deserves it.

Dec. 31, 2021 by Pnuts4Zoo on Apple Podcasts

Unpopular with Jacques Peterson