Unpopular with Jacques Peterson

Funniest, smartest talker in the Housewives universe

UPDATE: Time to Take Out the Trash made me laugh so hard. Love you. You’re so hilarious and entertaining.

I am crazy about Jacques! He makes me laugh out loud like no other. He speaks for me most of the time and I couldn’t care less when we disagree because he expresses himself so well. He’s just about the only person talking about Bravo and reality who actually deserves a podcast. He’s WICKEDLY smart, quick and articulate in a way that is SORELY lacking with most podcasters who can barely string a sentence together. Jacques deserves his own TV show. (Wish he would talk about MAFS Australia because I’m obsessed with that too! I should move to the Gold Coast or something.) Keep up the amazing work Jacques and keep being yourself!!

April 11, 2022 by Ljh66 on Apple Podcasts

Unpopular with Jacques Peterson