SF listener

This is THE best podcaster I have listened to. Offers opinions and perspectives that enables thought-provoking ideas. I listen to podcasts to learn and open up my mind, and am consistently satisfied with the content. Thank you Jacques, keep doing what you’re doing!


You seem miserable! Still love the pod! ❤️

Jacques is the best

I love hearing Jacques’s takes on everything. Despite disagreeing with him sometimes, he always has compelling reasons for his opinions and tells them in a very entertaining and funny manner. Jacques is clearly very smart and well-spoken. I also love his accent and his voice. I can’t get enough of his podcast. Thank you, Jacques.

Jacque is the best!

I always get excited when I receive an email that Jacque has a new podcast to listen to. I even downloaded Patreon just to listen to more of Jacque. I love his sense of humor. Love his commentary of reality shows I watch. He even has me watching some I did not know about. I always feel like I’m sitting with a freind in the room and gossiping about all the juicy stuff. I catch myself literally agreeing with him out loud as though he can hear me. 😂 His courage to talk about certain subjects, the realness of his life and who he is a breath of fresh air. There have been mornings during shutdowns waking up exhausted with all of it. I put on his podcast or patreon and find myself cracking up, completely lost and oblivious to the ‘life’ shutdown around me. I hope to hear his podcast and patreon for years to come. I truly wish him all the very best because I think he deserves it.

I was wrong

I first heard Jacques on another podcast. We had differing views. I hated his. I sent him a DM and he couldn’t have been kinder. I started following him and actually listened to his podcast. He’s funny and smart. I believe he likes the unpopular just to tease the masses. I truly enjoy him! He’s also responsive and open on all platforms. Give him a listen and I think you will enjoy him!

You make me laugh, even when I don’t agree😀

So glad to have found you! Love your honesty and refreshing take on the shows I love.

Great Podcast - Def suggest to reality show fans

I found you through Zack Peters podcast and what I love about you both is you don’t follow the mainstream narrative, you go by your true thoughts and facts. I miss the days we didn’t have to censor ourselves when shi talking reality shows and stars. This podcast covers lots of hot topics and reality shows/news so it’s always an entertaining episode.

Just a fan

Love the accent and the way you speak about all the gossip. I get bored very easily but I can listen to you for hours when you speak you are so colorful and have such a great personality. I Love when you talk about what’s hot right now or just basically your family . You have a way of taking ordinary events and making them sooo freakin funny … it is halarious . My only wish is that you were on more often 😞.. I wish you broadcast at least 2 times a week lol. It’s good stuff man ! Keep up the good work and we are listening 👍👍😂

Five stars

I just love this podcast! Jacques has such a refreshing and honest perspective

Australian King Jacques

Where would we be without our King Jacques! He always keeps it real with a fresh and diverse perspective. Jacques is not afraid to go against the grain. Even if it’s Unpopular!

Valid points for unpopular opinions

Even though I don’t agree with everything, and you probably won’t either, Jacques always has well thought out unpopular opinions with some valid points, thus making it a standout in the plethora of bravo/reality/pop culture podcast jungle that tends to be “same old, same old”. Entertaining podcast worth every minute!

You don’t have to agree with everything

You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but he’s always entertaining and I find his candor refreshing.

<3 The best <3

Where would I be without Jacques’ words to heal me when I’m seething over the Housewives fandom… over the Leah hate… Real heads know. Thank god #DianDan introduced me to you!!

Listen to this!

Real talk, he says out loud want you are already thinking and won’t admit it. Unpopular thoughts are sometime made my people who have actually examined the whole story. This podcast makes me laugh out loud.

🥇 Love this podcast!🥇

✨✨✨👏🏽👏🏽Love it!!!!you always keep it real & keeps me laughing always thanks Jacques✨✨✨✨

Love you!

You are fascinating so sweet & well read. 5 stars darling 💛💛

Bingeing this and loving it!

I found this podcast by accident and THANK GOD I did! Jacques has the best podcast voice and personality. He is spot on with all Bravo has to offer. I love the interviews especially with Tamra Judge! I have been bingeing this podcast and I get super excited now for my very long commute to work so I can listen to Unpopular. Thank you for creating this podcast full of perfect content on my favorite Bravo shows!!


One of !my absolute faves!! Fun and honest opinions, luv Jacques !

Favorite podcast!

Love everything about Jacques' podcast. Please carry on!


My new favorite podcaster! Finally, someone brave enough to go against the grain and speak out on the ridiculous hypocrisy amongst the Bravosphere/reality TV communities, plus the way he calls out some of the brainwashed journalists is absolutely supreme and a talent in itself! Love his perspectives, love his accent, love his ability to be an independent thinker who won't be silenced and sell out.

Refreshingly Honest

Jacques is such a refreshing breath of fresh air. You can tell he pours his heart into the show and that he’s excited by all the topics. Love his nuanced take on the Erika drama of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. His interviews with both Crystal from the aforementioned, “RHOBH” and his interview with Janet from the criminally underrated, “Real Housewives of Melbourne” were brilliant. He should in fact host the reunion for them. He would get them to speak the facts. I highly recommend that you check out his podcast. You will not regret it. Unless you’re extra woke or not open to differing opinions or afraid of expanding you’re own horizons—then move on! Three Cheers to Jacques!! Next stop, YouTube?

Listen for a Good Time!

Jacques does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be entertained and informed!

One of my favorite podcasters!

Thank you for always speaking your truth. I find myself listening to your podcast and nodding my head in agreement to a lot of the stuff you say. I enjoy listening to your thoughts and views about things. You’re also effin hilarious. Thank you for entertaining us!

Yes Jacques

Great pod. Truly unique and important voice. Y’all need to support him via Patreon.

🥇 Love this podcast!🥇

YES So refreshing! You make me crack up! Had to become a Patreon member too 🙌🏽 Thanks for getting me through my 5 hour flight quick. Ah👏🏽maz👏🏽ing👏🏽


Unapologetically saying what needs to be said and calling it for what it is!


May not always agree with Jacques but he’s definitely entertaining/funny with his cursing rants. I listen to all his podcasts! Keep going Jacques!!!!

I love Jacques point of view

Jacques is very talented and I love ❤️ to hear his thoughts on The Housewives and popular culture. He’s not afraid to voice his opinion. I look forward to a new episode every week! 😊

In Love

What a talented host. Hot takes that are genuinely interesting. A must listen.

Love this pod!

Always giving love it thank you! Patreon is super good!