Love This Podcast

Such a breath of fresh air! Don’t ever change, so many podcasts have

Real person

I like how you don’t play for the 4 same people on Twitter. Thank you for having your own opinion.

A must listen!

Jacques is so funny, a fantastic podcaster both going solo and with a guest! His takes are always right on. Favorite reality podcaster! 💖💖💖

Good one

I enjoy listening to you - it was a good length for me!

Not UNpopular with me!

Love Jacques and his rants and his hilarious honest takes ...he just says it like it is! Refreshing!

Finally giving 5 stars!

I’ve listened to a handful of episodes before finally writing this. Jacques says things that can get to me and I’m sure to a lot of people and uses “cancel culture” a lot (which I choose to call accountability culture) but if you can get over it/realize what he’s really saying, he’s actually a leftist and cares about the bigger issues that matter. He calls out democrats and the American left which is NOT left. Calling out Dems does not equal an endorsement for the right. He’s actually going to be able to reach more people than a lot of us who get stuck on small things. I recommend listening to at least 4 or 5 episodes to get a better picture of who he is and what he believes if you’re someone who thinks he’s not “woke” enough as he loves to say. (Spoiler: he’s way more work than most Americans saying we are) I’m so glad i listened to a bunch of episodes so I can fully enjoy it without getting stuck on words. I realize I made this political and he tries not to, but a lot of the people who don’t love him are probably what they think is left but are actually just liberals. No those terms are not synonymous. Jacques analyzing his bad review is the episode that made me finally write this. 5 stars for Jacques. He’s smart and he’s great for the podcast world.


I could listen to his accent and his *hot takes* on TV all dayyyyy. Keep it up babe!

Love this pod!

I’m a new listener but I’ve gone back and listened to like 10 episodes in the last few days. I really like Jacques’s point of view on bravo/ pop culture. It’s interesting hearing from an Australian. I love that he’s not afraid of giving his opinion - he’s blunt but respectful about it. He is an encyclopedia of pop culture and you can tell he does detailed research before interviewing guests which leads to more complex topics than what I hear on other interviews with the same people. My only critique is that I want more than one podcast from him each week! :)

Authentic entertainment!

I recently discovered you on Ryan Bailey’s So bad it’s good podcast. Excellent podcast. You’re so genuine. Enjoy listening to your point of view and you’re a great interviewer!!! I wish you all the best on growing your phenomenal podcast further.

Hated your guest

I enjoy listening to you -

Love it!

Love your recaps and POV on reality TV. Keep it up!

Love love love

Hilarious, judgmental and witty take on pop culture topics, great guests and interviews

informative and entertaining

Great podcast. I highly enjoy how unfiltered and authentic you are. Please do not change.

Fantastic! So happy I found this guy!

Just discovered this podcast and so happy I did! What a breath of fresh air to not have to listen to constant conservative bashing and PC cow towing! He’s funny, snarky, and wow, actually REALLY shockingly edgy because he’s not ‘woke’ and fearful of the liberal left who try to control all opinions and ideas nowadays. Please don’t worry about the negative reviews left by a handful of losers with multiple devices. There are more of us that agree with you than of them. I love your show and have been recommending it to everyone!

Found my new fav!! Pop culture phenom!

If you enjoy all things pop culture, Bravo and life stuff, you will love Jacques. He is funny, smart and heartachingly honest and real. Plus, his accent is adorable. Love this guy.💖💯🌈

Pure Fun!!

One of my new favorite podcasts! Love the unfiltered opinions, fun guests and witty recaps! Keep doing exactly what you're doing! Sheila

Love This Pod

Sending love from the US. Jacques has one of the best podcasts out there! Love your honest opinions - keep it coming ❤️!

Love it!

My new favorite podcast. Jacques is adorable.


I have been listening since day 1 and he is unapologetically himself! He brings it every episode. If you don’t agree with cancel couture and want the truth without the judgement, this is your pod!

I like who I like, I hate who I hate!

Love this guy! His podcast hits on every level!

Awesome Podcast

Great podcast! So informative and Jacques makes all the pop culture so easy to understand!


Wonderfully refreshing! Real opinions on our crazy reality TV world! Thank u!

Today’s episode was...

One of the best! Thanks for being spot on on everything today (especially Brandi Redmond’s disregard for her own podcast...).

Do not sleep on this podcast!!

Jacques has the gift of gab and has the most entrancing Australian accent. He is a natural at storytelling and taking you along for the ride as he explains all the latest in trash TV. I’m so glad I subscribed; you will not regret it!

My new #1 podcast!!!

“Unpopular with Jacques” is my new favorite indulgence... His podcasts are just the right length—- and he is completely comfortable sharing his authentic opinion on all things in pop culture —-Sometimes I agree 100% with him and other times - I’m in complete disagreement (ie: his alliance to Kelly Dodd) ... but, all is good because it feels like you are having a heart-felt; AND fun conversation with a best friend and nobody is “holding back” in an effort to NOT be offensive. Jacques is perfectly comfortable giving you his honest take on Bravo; highlighted television shows; and people in the news. He’s the kind of person who would tell you the straight up answer to your “do these jeans make me look fat” question. He’s awesome. Tune in!!! You will love listening to him. ♥️❗️

The POV from Down Under

This is top level analysis and funny! Give us more 🧐 you are a welcome voice in my podcast library.

Honest and endearing

Anyone who gives this podcast a one star rating has clearly never listened to it. Jacques is funny and honest. Do I agree with everything he says? No. It that OK? YES. I still absolutely love listening to him and will continue to. Love it so much!!!

I love Jacques

I love this guy. He's perfect for reality TV gossip because he's not trying to get into the bravo world; he just wants to talk honestly about bravo and other reality tv issues. He's also such a good interviewer. I can't believe he's new to podcasting; he seems so comfortable with guests and speaks so easily. This podcast easily went into my top realty tv podcasts.

Great show

I enjoy listening -

Love this podcast!

This podcast is such a breath of fresh air. I love how opinionated it is. You won’t be disappointed by this funny Aussie.