Amazingly Awesome!!!

I happened to find this Podcast by chance while looking for Real Housewives and Bravo content. I had listened to others that were either not entertaining enough or kind of boring or just had a biased slant and it turned me off. Well - not with Popilitically Incorrect! I am absolutely hooked on listening!; I can’t get enough.! Where has this host Jacques been? He just says it like it is. And the Bravo guest interviews are the best I have ever heard - he is so much better than Andy Cohen’s WWHL interviews or any other podcast interviews I’ve ever listened to. Finding this Podcast has literally brought me the entertainment joy I’ve been desperately seeking after such a dismal 2020 year and now looking like 2021 not much better. After being bombarded with negativity and over abundance of information and mostly biased entertainment news, what a refreshing enjoyable time I have now for my entertainment fix. Thank you Jacques for your shows and for just being you!

Love it!!

The missing link to my pod library. Thank you for being so unapologetically real and honest.

So happy I found this!!!

This podcast is amazing; not only is the content 10/10 but the host is super talented!


This is how I start my Monday mornings love it helps get me going I work out listening to it and I forget I’m working out !!!

Refreshing pop culture podcast with unique guests

I love this podcast because Jacques has a unique and sometimes unpopular take on a lot of pop culture (namely reality tv) topics which makes the podcast refreshing and exciting! The host is always well researched and intelligent when talking about the topics (from trashy housewives reality tv moments to serious social topics) which makes me really want to hear his take and pushes the conversations on hot topics forward. I also love the guests that he gets that range from former housewives or reality tv producers - they are unique and Jacques is a huge fan of the people he has on the show, so he always asks the juicy questions and convo going to get info that I would actually want to know! Highly recommend!!!

Future 1 star review

You mispronounced a word so I’m giving you 1 star. You shall never know when or if my 1 star rating will be posted. Enjoy these 5 stars while they last. 👹 Just kidding, I really enjoy your podcast and your content. Love, a fellow progressive leftie. ❤️

Love it!!

I listen to this pod every day!! Love the hot takes and unapologetic honesty!

So entertaining and fun

I am not sure how I found this podcast but it’s my Monday treat. Jacques is a breath of fresh air bc he says whatever he wants with no fear of cancel culture! Love him.


My new favorite podcast! I love as a conservative, I can still listen to your podcast and not feel judged. I enjoy your podcast, love your view points and agree! I love that you speak your mind and aren’t judgemental! I’m obsessed!!! You rock!

Yay! Fun!

Great and fun to listen to! I'm a Reality TV & Me listener- that's how I found this pod, luv it!

Not afraid

Thank you for speaking your mind and being willing to listen to other minds as well while not judging. It’s nice to find someone not apart of a mob mentality.

Honest, entertaining and real.

A great show, with thankfully someone who gives his real opinion!


Your takes are so on point, Jacques! I also abhor the cancel culture and the overarching vilification of anything and anyone who doesn’t bleed blue. Keep up the snark and the bitchiness — you’re doing the best thing for the masses.

Love the pod!

Love you and your pod! It is refreshing to listen to someone that doesn’t go too far about their politcal side and can just dish the tea about real housewives!

Best interviews!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! The interviews are great 🥰🥰🥰😍

Great Show! Bravo!

Loving this show so far! I don’t watch every Bravo show, but Jacques breaks down the latest drama in a nuanced way that makes it easy for casual watchers to follow, and has had really engaging guests so far. Happy to add this podcast to my weekly rotation.

Jacques rocks!

I can't wait to steal Jacques' hottest takes and pass them off as my own. The girls at the office will think I'm a Housewives genius!

My new fave

I’m a casual RH fan, but it’s amazing to listen to someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about! Give this podcast a shot. You won’t regret it!


This podcast is all about the host. Jacques is like an industry insider who stole his NDA — and the lawyers can’t figure out how to shut him up. Even his wrong opinions are entertaining.

Keep doing this!

I am OBSESSED with this pod! 💖

Great Podcast

Great to hear such an in depth interview with the one and only tamra. Arcadey has clearly done his homework and has a knack for getting guests to open up. Amazing first ep!

Iconic 😍

Love this podcast so far! The first episode got me hooked + wanting more. The quality is much better than a lot of reality podcasts. 👌🏻