Great Show! Bravo!

Loving this show so far! I don’t watch every Bravo show, but Jacques breaks down the latest drama in a nuanced way that makes it easy for casual watchers to follow, and has had really engaging guests so far. Happy to add this podcast to my weekly rotation.

Jacques rocks!

I can't wait to steal Jacques' hottest takes and pass them off as my own. The girls at the office will think I'm a Housewives genius!

My new fave

I’m a casual RH fan, but it’s amazing to listen to someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about! Give this podcast a shot. You won’t regret it!


This podcast is all about the host. Jacques is like an industry insider who stole his NDA — and the lawyers can’t figure out how to shut him up. Even his wrong opinions are entertaining.

Keep doing this!

I am OBSESSED with this pod! 💖

Great Podcast

Great to hear such an in depth interview with the one and only tamra. Arcadey has clearly done his homework and has a knack for getting guests to open up. Amazing first ep!

Iconic 😍

Love this podcast so far! The first episode got me hooked + wanting more. The quality is much better than a lot of reality podcasts. 👌🏻