Sept. 13, 2021

RHOSLC Returns: Drain the Shahwamp!

RHOSLC Returns: Drain the Shahwamp!

Bravo's most overrated reality show is back! Yes, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has returned for season two - hopefully it's not as bad as the first. 

After getting into the RHOSLC premiere, Jacques recaps the latest mess on RHOBH and the Winter House trailer (#TeamAusten), 

He also gets into the latest on Joe Rogan's c*vid drama, the mainstream media's #LIEvermectin agenda, comedian-turned-murderer Jimmy Kimmel's atrocious monologue, and Aussie Bachelorette Georgia Love being cancelled by karens on Instagram.

Lastly, Jacques gets into Bachelor In Paradise exposing clout-chasing contestants and why Natasha probably isn't as innocent as everybody thinks. 

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00:00 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City returns
11:00 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap
25:00 Winter House trailer
27:30 Joe Rogan suing fake news media?
32:00 Jimmy Kimmel's trash monologue
40:00 Georgia Love cancelled by karens
50:00 Bachelor In Paradise

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