March 28, 2022

Sailing Yacht's Erica Rose returns (with Chuck!)

Sailing Yacht's Erica Rose returns (with Chuck!)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht's most controversial guest Erica Rose returns to the pod to share her truth about the charter from hell, including that Joe Biden bikini, her falling out with Rhett and Janelle, and what really went down on the flight when her mother Cindi got caught sneaking into first class to steal an omelette. 

Then Erica's husband Chuck makes an unexpected cameo and pure chaos ensues! 

Before that, Jacques gets into the Oscars drama, Kandi and the Gang, and his dream Below Deck spin-offs. 

01:50 Oscars drama
08:00 Kandi and the Gang
10:00 Sailing Yacht and Below Deck spin-offs
17:30 Erica Rose featuring Chuck Sanders

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