May 3, 2021

The Big Shot With Ryan Bailey

The Big Shot With Ryan Bailey

Jacques is joined by Ryan Bailey from the So Bad It's Good podcast for a big ol' convo about everything from Hollywood and Howard Stern to podcasting, political correctness, Summer House and The Big Shot With Bethenny. Ryan also shares what it's like to film a Lifetime movie!

Before that, Jacques rants about The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Seeking Sister Wife, and also shares some news about the podcast.

You can follow Ryan Bailey on Instagram by clicking here and get his podcast by clicking here.

00:00 Intro chit chat
2mins Real Housewives of Atlanta
6mins Podcast update
11mins Seeking Sister Wife
16mins Ryan Bailey interview start
19mins Howard Stern and political correctness
47mins Ryan's acting career and Hollywood
61mins Summer House
85mins Big Shot With Bethenny


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