Aug. 2, 2021

The F-word, Zen Wen, and the next Bachelor

The F-word, Zen Wen, and the next Bachelor

Jacques flies solo for the first time in a month to talk about Beyonce stans being dumb, why Matt Damon can use the F-word and white gays thinking they're still oppressed, being triggered after finding an old friend on Whatsapp, the death of cinema, how Mike White's Enlightened predicted Chelsea Handler, the hilariously fake Love Is Blind reunion, Widowed Dad vs Fake Footballer for the next Bachelor, the Aussie Bachelor flopping, the bisexual Aussie Bachelorette, the Olympics being boring, and RHOP's Wendy Osefo being super wack.

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00:00 Intro chit chat
07:50 Matt Damon uses the F-word
14:30 Low attention spans and the death of cinema
19:30 The White Lotus, Enlightened and Chelsea Handler
25:00 The Olympics is boring
33:00 Michael A vs Andrew S for next Bachelor
42:00 Aussie Bachelor FLOPS
47:40 Love Is Blind reunion
57:00 RHOP's Zen Wen is the worst

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