Nov. 8, 2021

The insane rumours about RHOBH's new Housewife

The insane rumours about RHOBH's new Housewife

There's some insane rumours about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' newest cast member Diana Jenkins. Is she a Hollywood madam? Is she a karen? How did she make all her money? Jacques gets into all of it!

He also gets into Tom Girardi's shady connections to the dirty democrats, which seem to have been conveniently overlooked thanks to Erika Jayne stealing all the spotlight. 

Lastly, he tackled the crazy hit piece on Barstool Sports kingpin Dave Portney in Business Insider and why it's (mostly) all BS.

Before all that, Jacques shares some more about the horrors of moving back home and trying to date in a country town. 

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00:00 Life updates
09:30 Tom Girardi's political ties
21:00 RHOBH's Diana Jenkins 
29:00 Dave Portney hit piece 

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