Nov. 1, 2021

The Talk of Shame with Kiki Monique

The Talk of Shame with Kiki Monique

Kiki Monique aka The Talk of Shame joins Jacques to break down the never-ending Dave Chappelle backlash and to bond over their shared experience of being blocked by trans activist Ashlee Marie Preston. 

They also discuss the professional activist class fuelling cancel culture, Ice Cube turning down $9million to not get vaxxed, the Zeus network being crazy, how to build a TikTok following, the latest goings on with Bravo and more. 

Before that, Jacques talks about his love of Chucky and The Bachelorette (again) and shares some more updates about moving home and how that's all going.

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00:00 Life updates
11:20 Chucky and Bachelorette
16:00 Bravo stuff 
34:00 Dave Chappelle vs Ashlee Marie Preston
01:04:00 Ice Cube unvaxxed

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